David Steinkraus

Why am I different? I have what no school can teach: experience. Why is this important to you? Because I already know the basics, I can attend to nuances that are the difference between acceptable and excellent. Because I have solved many problems in the past, I can foresee and avoid obstacles. Because I have done this work for a long time, I am fast, creative, and can offer many ideas to improve your project.Selfportrait

Although years as a newspaper reporter and copy editor gave me broad knowledge and unflagging curiosity, I have a particular affinity for technical topics. This comes from formal science training and several years of writing about science, medicine, and the environment. I want to know how something works, what it does, and what it means. I also appreciate the human dimension, the personal how and why that give life to information. If what you seek is editing—well, I was a newspaper copy editor. I developed speed and accuracy because the press did not wait.

An old piece of advice to writers says show, don’t tell. So please let me show you some samples of my writing and photography.


Awards & Etc.

First and third place awards in environmental reporting from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association for stories about homemade biodiesel and clean coal technology. A Golden Gavel award from the State Bar of Wisconsin for a story about the intersection between the law and drug addiction. Other awards for editorial writing, public service journalism, and photography.

Fellowship in science reporting at the California Instsitute of Technology, in environmental reporting through the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources


Independent Writers of Chicago, National Association of Science Writers, Society of Environmental Journalists

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